Helpie FAQ

  • What is the FTSE 100 Index

    FTSE 100 index (financial times stock exchange index): Index of the 100 most capitalised companies listed on the lse. The index is calculated in real time and published every fifteen seconds

  • What is the London Stock Exchange?

    London Stock Exchange (LSE) is the oldest stock exchange in the world being founded in 1801. It is seen as the most international of the world’s stock exchanges with over 3,000 companies from around 70 countries trading on its markets. Stock market index.

  • What is the FTSE All Share Index?

    The ftse all-share index, originally known as the ftse actuaries all share index, is a capitalisation-weighted index, comprising around 600 of more than 2,000 companies traded on the London stock exchange (LSE). Since 29 December 2017 the constituents of this index totalled 641 companies. The FTSE all-share is the aggregation of the ftse 100 index and the ftse 250 index, which are together known as the ftse 350 index, and the ftse smallcap index.</